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Prayer Request



I am asking for your prayers for our family to be blessed with reunification: return of my husband from incarceration (minor probation violation). He has been incarcerated a year and sees his probation officer this week that may release him. I am making this request to friends of mine in several nations, religions, of many races. This is prayer for justice to be delivered and compassion from all involved. G-d is listening and delivers on prayers for the good and for justice of families.


Angela Hansen

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Dumpster Diving Heaven

Dumpster Diving….you think a homeless person searching for cans or items that mean something to their possibly demented thoughts in their mind.

Well, I dumpster dive and I am proud of it. I am not homeless nore demented. I find good things in there. I just had someone leave with two bunk beds that I claimed from a dumpster that I sold on Craigs List for $10 each. I now have a crisp $20 bill to take shopping.

I also found the iron you see in the picture for this post. Iron, brand new, exceptional quality, top of the line, appeared never used, still in the box, still with the warranty. My previous iron was broken on the handle and i had tape holding it together. I needed a new iron and this is exactly what I got. I like to wear nice clothes so I iron several times a week. Just what I needed.

My Linksys router broke too. I found a brand new Motorola router still in the box with each cord individually wrapped in a twist tie and the factory plastic wrap in the dumpster. It’s what is operating on this computer as I type this.

I found two glass vanity cabinets also in perfect condition to sell. They sell at Lowe’s for $80 a piece. I will get some money out of those too.

Another thing I have been doing is on line survey taking. I checked my PayPal account yesterday and was absolutly shocked to see $97 dollars in there from doing surveys. I had expected to see absolutly nothing and was just checking to see if my new debit card and bank account were properly placed on there. Of course I reqested the disbursement. Now I can get my front door fixed with that or pay back some people I owe money to. On another survey I can get a disbursement by them cutting and sending me a check every $10. I cleared $20 yesterday so I asked for that disbursment too.

So when you see a dumpster with someone’s ass and legs hanging out of it don’t judge. It may be someone that is low on money and too disabled to work like me. It may be me. It may be anyone and you don’t know their story. Whatever the case they are eventually going to strike gold and its worth the dive. Its also worth it to sit on th computer and answer surveys. It’s called being thrifty.


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Wall to Wall Assholes to Armpits


I HATE the bus. I have ridden it for two years and I HATE it. Always some drunk blitzed on Listerine sitting next to me or some creep with human feces on his pants going, "Hey baby!" I have come to HATE people from this experience. I hate being around people not HATE people but I HATE being around others. The first thing I do when I get home is WASH MY HANDS because of all the people I see wipe their boogers on the handrails! I change my clothes because drunks sit there passed out and piss themselves or have shit on them. I am disgusted until my hands are washed and clothes changed.

I want to move out into the country AWAY from people and only go into town when I have to! I can’t STAND how SLOW people mosey along with NO PURPOSE and NOTHING GOING ON IN THE CRANIUM! I just want to shove a cattle prod up their asshole and electrocute the fuck out of them while saying EXCUSE ME! They meander down the center of every pathway waddling from side to side with their fat stubby arms out to their sides like flippers! THEY have absolutly NO idea that life exists around them and LIFE WANTS BY and LIFE HAS SOMEWHERE TO GO AND SOMETHING TO DO! I do, YES, I fucking do, make smart ass comments now and LOUD, like EXCUSE ME I DO have somewhere to go! and SOME people are trying to catch a BUS but YOUR ASS is too SLOW!

I want a house in the boonies with a garden and a NO TRESPASSING SIGN with a GUN one it!

Okay, I’m done fuming for now……..


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Yom ha Shoah — Holocaust Rememberance Day

May the merits of six million martyrs rise before G-d, and may their merits – and those of the survivors – succeed in bringing an end to our long dispersion. May we see the building of the Third Temple, speedily in our days, Amen.
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Why the Pervert File? Because they keep harassing me.

I have gotten some flack for having the pervert file. This file was meant to be funny but also send the message that if you are looking for voyerism directed to me; voyerism from me, a girlfriend, an intimate encounter, romance, a wife, someone to swing with, a threesome, or any other matter outside of the bounds of a holy marriage in front of God (the state of marriage) then leave me alone. I am serious and I hate this. I am harassed daily by approximately 10 suitors that either don’t or can’t comprehend my profile stating that I am married or are so arrogant as to seriously, and conceitedly believe that I have an interest in looking at their genitals, sex talk, or courting them. It pisses me off and I do not have time for perverts.
I want to chat with friendly people. I make time for good honest friendly people that want to converse. I love to converse. Every time you speak to a new person it expands the mind and lightens the mood (hopefully). This is what I am on line for.
So enough said. Let’s be friends and only friends and lets talk can we? I look forward to meeting anyone that would like to be friends.
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On this MSN site I have no idea how I will get this Word PERVERT without abbreviating it on the home page of this site; or it’s meaning, across to the reader and that is the reason for this particular Blog!

MSN does not allow the perfectly unprofaned word PERVERT.  Even kindergartners run amok yelling "You Pervert!" at their friends. Really, as in the sentence, "Do not be a PERVERT!" This is seen in the initial home page of this blog.

Why? I do not like PERVERTS.

PERVERTS meaning those men that are so unrefined and underdeveloped of mannerism that they cannot read that I state clearly that I AM MARRIED. Those that cannot control their functions of brain, though, action, or body and act like animals in heat.

I mean also; Those men that take the words "I AM MARRIED!" as a challenge meaning that I am married for every man except for the likes of THEM!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Yes, those men that think they are so DASHING that every married woman would drop everything an RUN to their side! This would also be defined as CONCEITED.

Other words for PERVERT. I looked this up on an online Thesaurus and came up with debauchee, degenerate, deviant, deviate, freak, and weirdo.

I can think of a few others: knuckle dragger; prehominid; Neanderthal; cave man; miscreant; hedonist; profligate; depraved; shameless, carnal, corrupt, liceneous, impure, lecherous, salacious, prurient, animal, indecent, lewd, amoral, crude, lascivious, immoral, unchaste, vulgar, coarse, base, off-color, naughty, gross, unprincipled, reprobate, fast and loose, depraved, filthy, dirty, raunchy, ribald, iniquitous, loose, scurrilous, foul, impudent, imbecile, immature, stupid, unbecoming, off-color, rouge, salty, smutty, indecent, orgiastic, libidinous, promiscuous, libertine, lickerish, and hard-core.

I won’t put those in my home page because some people might get sexually excited over such words. At least now I know I have alternate words for PERVERT. Now how do I say sexually in that blog? Ah! Here we go: Animalistic or Beastial.


He looks, I mean GAWKS!, staring, licking its lips, not looking away for a second, almost drooling , eyes bulging, and maybe the pants (but if I look he will think the feeling is mutual and I really don’t want to know anyway!) I put on my tichel (Israeli head covering for women–see picture) and turn my eyes and entire face stuffed in my book or out the window. It sees the ring on the finger but approaches and GAWKS at the boobs anyway! It sees the look of disgust on my face and it then takes initiative to BREATHE my direction. I yell. EWWWWWWWW! Get your tongue back in your mouth! and get off the bus hoping everyone is staring at it in disgust too.


It writes you even though you say you are married. It is generally too stupid or too illiterate to read your profile. IT starts questioning me, then it goes off into a tirade about it’s dead wife and children and how the house burnt down and it needs me to wire it $200,000. OOOOOOOOOppps! that was the WHAT DOES A SCAM ARTIST LOOK LIKE PARAGRAPH. Sorry……..


Okay, the internet PERVERT. It sends you an invite to be FRIENDS before saying Hello! It sends a Webcam invite or Video File without saying anything (as if you have never seen tiny disappointing genitalia before). It says something Horny (which cracks you up) That is if the tiny disappointing genetalia didn’t knock you off your chair laughing. I tell them my husband has a BIGGER one! then send the laughing symbol . I block them once I am sure they are HUMILIATED enough to take their hominid knuckledraggin ass and tiny genetalia and crawl back into their cave.

Sooooooo, Off I go trying to find out what to post on my MSN page without the wonderful and useful word PERVERT.

There is a WEBPOLL here……What word shall I use to refer to a PERVERT? Pick your favorite. If you want to suggest your own idea then IM me and tell me or post it on my page.

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